Welcome to True Tobacco

At True Tobacco we are dedicated to offering quality tobacco products at severely discounted rates. We are able to deliver such low prices due to our extremely efficient business processes. Also a factor in our ability to deliver quality products at discount rates, is our streamlined online service. By only offering cigars online, we do not have to face rental costs except for our warehouse; and that rental cost is much lower; allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

We also have much large volume. Due to our ecommerce site, we are able to sell cigars all over the country and to APOs/IPOs. Since we aren't limited to a local audience like most traditional cigar stores, we can move much larger volumen, resulting in lower prices that we pass on to you; our cigar customer.

At True Tobacco you get fast shipping, friendly service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Right now we have a sale on cheap cigars. You can get a carton of little cigars for as little as $8 and cheap cigarillos for $0.20/each. We buy all our products from the high quality tobacco brands that you love such as Altaldis.